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OKR Dance is rooted in respect for the traditional tap dance repertoire, it features an intricate balance of styles and range of artistic exploration. From contemporary and pedestrianised movement to body percussion and physical theatre, the company creates dance that is much influenced by jazz music.



OKR's dancers are accomplished, skilled, energetic, collaborative, and share the joy of tap with their audience. Their choreography flows from the lived experience and explores inventive musicality, layering rhythms with movement, communicating to its audience with sound. The company creates tap dance theatre, blending old and new in with the here and now.


We give the UK’s finest tap dance talent the space to train and experiment with integrity and dedication, in order to attain the technical excellence to create cutting-edge dance theatre which honours and respects a rich heritage yet finds a uniquely British voice.


As keepers of the flame, we aim to share our passion for, and knowledge of, our art with as diverse an audience in the UK as possible, through performing, learning and participation, inspiring the next generation of British tap dancers by breaking down barriers to access for tap training.


We will revolutionise the standards of tap performance in the UK, leading the charge in the tap renaissance, proving that tap is a legitimate art form, whilst educating young people across diverse communities.



We are dedicated to enriching, diversifying and growing the tap dance community and inspiring others in sharing our passion for tap. We have a growth mind-set and an ongoing commitment to learning, expanding our knowledge and improving our skills.


We listen to our audiences, our partners, to each other, to new ideas and new methods of working, ensuring our work is bold, honest and authentic.


When we work intelligently, we work efficiently; when we create together, we accomplish great things. We achieve our aims through mutual support and fellowship. We cultivate innovative collaboration. Our shared understanding ensures that we create environments which are inclusive and professional.


In seeking to understand the roots of our unique discipline, paying homage to those who came before us and honoring their example to the next generation, we are able to create forward thinking innovative dance.

meet the company

Avalon Rathgeb

Artistic Director

Ryan Campbell-Birch

Assistant Director

Adele Joel

Alastair Crosswell

Lucy Jones

Chris Sparkes

our story


OKR Dance was founded by Artistic Director Avalon Rathgeb in 2014 with the aim to gather the very best tap dancers and musicians which have inspired her journey to create unique stylised tap choreography that is bigger and better than the sum of its parts.



OKR Dance was invited to share the first stage of ‘Fall Out’ at Resolution, the UK’s biggest dance festival. The following year they were awarded Arts Council England funding for the 1st time to develop ‘Fall Out’ into the company’s first full length show, which was then performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre in London. Segments were also seen at Tanz Haus in Dusseldorf and as part of the Brighton Tap Festival Gala.

2017 - 2018

the company performed ‘Fall Out’ at The Tabernacle (London), OffBeat Festival (Oxford), DanceBase (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and InMotion Festival (London), Salisbury Playhouse, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, Dance City Newcastle, The Witham (Barnards Castle), Alnwick Playhouse and Arts Centre Washington. The company created video footage of ‘Capella Josh’, an original piece of choreography by Josh Hilberman. Awarded funding for a second time to create a new show ‘Dirty. Tap. Funk’, which was commissioned by Theatre Bench for InMotion Festival. The show was co-choreographed by Avalon Rathgeb and Ryan Campbell-Birch. The company were also invited to perform at South Bank Centre’s Independence Gala as part of IndiaUK2017.



Arts Council England funded the creation of OSCiLLATE co-choreographed by Avalon Rathgeb and Dre Torres which was revealed to the world in summer 2018 premiering at Sadler’s Wells-The Lilian Baylis Theatre. OSCiLLATE was performed at Latitude Music Festival, The London Cabaret Club as part of London Tap Dance Intensive and a two week run at DanceBase as part of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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