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OSCiLATE is a ground breaking show heavily influenced by original electronic dance music and its coordination between light and sound. The show reveals an eclectic group of individuals who display a range of human interaction and relationships through movement and sound.  The concept of the show unveils the struggle between communication and how it can be misunderstood by each other and by those watching.  Expansion into group pieces will articulate the transitions between lack of communication, confusion, and misunderstanding, and move us towards proficiency within compassion and equality.  

Fall Out takes a journey through quintessential jazz, entangling movement within the graceful perspective of tap dance. Conversations of question and answer between soloists of the band and the performers expose emotions and trigger manoeuvres back and forth between each art form on stage. 


Led by a live musical force the show takes an experimental ride attempting to understand the journey of falling out of love. Fall Out pushes the boundaries of strength and intensity through the bare sounds of music and dance, articulated through complex rhythms and spectacularly technical performance.

concept videos

A Mood Swing

Old Kent Road Swing


Brotherhood of Man

Chill Sessions... | Vol. 22

The Old Kent Road Swing with FRIENDS!

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